Room Addition

Every new home design has challenges related to the physical place, the limitations of area and more. Room addition to the existing house added another significant challenge and most difficult of all, connect between design that was according to the time the house was build and connect it together whit the design today.

Home Remodeling

With Alaniz Builders, Inc. as a General Contractor you get your dream house. our services are From kitchen remodels and bathroom remodeling to room additions and new construction homes, Our remodeling and design team takes pride in listening to homeowners and creating stunning living spaces that meet design, space and budget goals. Our design team can work with you on any home remodeling project including and they will help you from the first strap to the end.

Yard & Garden Landscaping

Alaniz Builders, Inc. was establish to provide  clients with all the home improvement or commercial remodeling they need. Our landscaping and garden division will provide you all the tools and knowledge you need to make your dream garden.