About Us

About Alaniz Builders, Inc.

Alaniz Builders, Inc. was established 35 years ago in order to address any potential client, from the small project from a client who wants to remodel his property or big project from a client who wants to improve is property by building room addition.

Our company has formulated specific policies over the years, which puts emphasis on the customer providing close guidance throughout all phases of the work.

Alaniz Builders, Inc. – General Construction

We provide a comprehensive service to every customer, whether need help with renovations who start before, wants to improve there home, and even if he going to purchase a new property and need help.

When we perform construction and renovation projects we ensure completion of work and coordination of professionals in a variety of fields such as Room Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling and landscaping development and more. Because of that the customers do not need to be at the construction / renovation site, and can go on with their lives without associated headache and loss inventions on work days.

Alaniz Builders, Inc. personnel believe that only with comprehensive and professional service to any matter relating to the world of construction, renovation, remodeling and design, can achieve a perfect result – with cost that does not exceed the specified budget practice.